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Terms & Conditions


For proper attribution of student results, each teacher needs to enroll his or her own students. One teacher should not place an order for all students in a school under his/her own name. We reserve the right to request class lists to verify teacher.

Teachers agree to administer one practice Contest on the device that will be used for testing prior to actual Contest date.

Refund Policy

No refunds will be issued for on-line testing materials. Once a teacher submits registration the teacher is obligated to pay for the students registered.  Because AATF is a non-profit organization, we cannot absorb the cost of allowing deletions, partial deletions or of issuing refunds.

Payment and pricing

The following fees represent the National expenses, for basic test development; administrative costs; on-line testing; publicity; and awards. Chapters may add a charge to these fees to support local Contest expenses.

Base cost per student:

*Chapters may add additional fees to support local Contest expenses and awards.